How Many Movers do I Need?

How Many Movers do I Need?

Deciding how much help you need when moving can be a tricky decision. You don’t want too many movers to where you are overspending, but you also don’t want too little help to the point where the process is becoming long and difficult.

So, today I'd like to share with you some tricks on how to determine the perfect number of movers you will need based on the qualities of your move. Finding the sweet spot is where you will save money and get the job done efficiently, without ever sacrificing safety.

Here’s your guide on how to hire the perfect amount of moving labor.

Your UMovers Mover Guide

UMovers has created a helpful table to help assist you in deciding how many movers you will need, depending on the size of your move.

Job Size

Loading Only

Unloading Only

Load & Unload

Studio or Small Apartment 

2 movers for 2 hours

2 movers for 2 hours

2 movers for 4 hours

2-3 Bedroom Apartment

2 movers for 3 hours

2 movers for 2 hours

2 movers for 5 hours

2-3 Bedroom House

3 movers for 4 hours

3 movers for 3 hours

3 movers for 7 hours

3-4 Bedroom House

4 movers for 4 hours

4 movers for 3 hours

4 movers for 7-8 hours

4+ Bedroom House

4 movers for 5 hours

4 movers for 4 hours

4 movers for 8-10 hours

Large House or Castle

4+ movers for 6+ hours

4+ movers for 4+ hours

4+ movers for 10+ hours

Other factors to consider

Although the above UMovers mover table offers a good estimate of how many movers you’re going to need, every move is unique, and you should keep in mind the things that make your move different before proceeding. Here are some additional factors to consider for hiring the right amount of moving labor.

Size of Your Move

As seen on the UMovers mover table above, the size of your move should be your primary consideration.

The number of movers you will need depends directly on the number of items you need to move. A move for someone with a studio apartment won’t require nearly as many movers or as much time compared to someone with a four-bedroom home.. right?!

So, it’s important to consider the size of your move when trying to figure out how many movers you need. You will also need to consider if the movers will be loading, unloading, packing, and/or unpacking etc.

For example, if you have rented a truck and just need help with the loading and unloading activities, you won’t need as many movers to help with the job. However, if you are starting for scratch and need help with packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking (and need a truck), additional hands will definitely be necessary to make the process go faster and smoother.

Large Items or Difficulty Items

While the number of things you need to be moved (or the size of your home) will help determine how many movers to hire, some items require special care. When you have heavy items, plants, antiques, or harder-to-pack items, you may need more movers to help with the job.

For example, if you’re moving out of a two-bedroom apartment, you may only need two movers for a normal job. However, the same move with a large antique cabinet will likely require three or four movers just because of the weight of the antique! 

If you will be moving any of the following items, assume you will need an additional one to three movers than anticipated for the job:

  • Fine Art
  • Plants
  • Antiques
  • Fish Tanks
  • Heavy Furniture or Fragile Items
  • Large Dressers
  • Appliances
  • Pool Tables
  • Outdoor Grills and Accessories

These are just some examples of common furniture pieces and items that will certainly require special care. If you mention any of these items on your free estimate call with UMovers, we will likely recommend we send out extra movers to ensure none of our movers are injured attempting to move the items and to ensure your items are handled with the proper care to avoid potential damage.

Consider Who You are Hiring

If you’re lucky enough to have family and friends willing to help you move, you may not need to hire as many professional movers, or any at all.

However, if you have any doubt in the furniture you are moving or large items that “might be too big four cousin Joey” you are going to want to heavily consider hiring professional help.

Hiring even one mover will help guide everybody who is contributing with the tasks at hand. Our college movers are professionally trained on how to load moving trucks, and they will know exactly how to pack everything to ensure it’s moved safely to your new destination.

Lastly, sourcing out the cheapest labor help you can find can come with some hidden costs. And by hidden costs, I mean unforeseeable damage to your personal items. Oftentimes, companies that advertise “lowest rates guaranteed” and “cheaper than our competitors” are so low in price because of the lack of quality staff; paying their movers extremely low wages, and hiring on anyone who is willing to do the back breaking work for cheap. Why do you think their rates are far lower than the average? When it comes to handling your valuable items, it’s a no-brainer that I recommend doing your research and sourcing out the companies with fantastic customer reviews and a superior track record. 

Finding a quality moving company that does by-the-hour labor help, like UMovers, will save you money in the long run by taking tremendous care of your items, but also save you time by being far more efficient than the competition. All of our men are trained to work efficiently, without ever sacrificing safety, so your move doesn’t take all day and your things are well cared for.

Final Factors to Consider

Before you decide how many movers you need, it’s important to consider a few final factors including:

  • Flights of Stairs
  • Elevators
  • Narrow Hallways or Doorways
  • Longer Carrying Distances
  • Long Distance Between Truck and Home

Any type of obstacle making moving your things from your home to the moving truck will likely slow down the movers. Hiring an extra mover, if your things have to go down a couple of flights of stairs, can help speed up the process and make things a bit safer with the added hands and eyes.

Finding the Right Balance for Your Move

Hiring the right number of movers isn’t a perfect science. While you may think you only need two movers based on the size of your home, a third mover will speed up the process more times than not.

The right mover/time balance isn’t the same for everybody. If you’re moving less than an hour away for example, you may not be bothered by paying fewer movers for more hours to help you move your things from your old house to your new house.

So now that you’re ready to hire some moving labor, consider giving us a call at (434)233-0499 (text or call) or emailing us at: to hire your local college movers. If you're unsure with the number of movers you need, our friendly staff will kindly guide you through all the variables to ensure we bring out exactly the correct amount of movers to make your move a breeze.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you during your move!

Written by Zach Richards