How to Pack a Pantry for Moving Day: What to Save and What to Toss!

How to Pack a Pantry for Moving Day: What to Save and What to Toss!
You’ve covered the office, guest room, basement, and even the upstairs attic.. But what about the ‘rooms’ that you never thought of as rooms until just this second: your pantry and refrigerator? Chances are you’re going to want to pack all that food and not let it go to waste!
If you find yourself in a conundrum about what food items you should be bringing to your new home, then this article is perfect for you. The UMovers team has compiled a list of what to save, donate, and how to pack everything just right.

Packing Your Pantry: What to Save and What to Toss

What Foods Should You Save During Your Move?

As a general rule of thumb, you should only be transporting foods that will stay edible during the move. Often times, items that are non-perishable and unopened fit into this category perfectly- but you may find that there are a few exceptions to this rule that we cover in the list below:


1. Canned Goods

Most of the time canned goods of any shape or size travel okay. But before you pack any cans for your move, be sure to verify the expiration dates and toss any cans that have a fast approaching expiration date. 

A couple of weeks before your move, we recommend heading to a local grocery store and ask if they have any leftover boxes you can have for your move. Many times, grocers will have plenty of extra boxes to give you at no charge- they might even thank you for taking them! These boxes will be perfect for your canned goods travel.


2. Unopened Condiments (in Non-Glass Containers) & Boxed or Bagged Foods

Pre-packaged foods are probably the easiest food items to travel with. Be sure to position them side by side in their separate containers or boxes. Additionally, you could place them in reusable grocery bags and keep them in the trunk of your car until you arrive at your new home.


3. Basic Cooking Ingredients

Do you have a huge spice collection or bags upon bags of sugar or flour? You may initially consider leaving all of these behind, but we recommend you do the following in order to preserve them:
  1. Place unopened dry ingredients in plastic containers or cardboard boxes
  2. Pack your loose ingredients inside of reusable kitchen storage containers
  3. Tape shut any spices that may open if tilted
  4. Place spice bottles in boxes with canned goods—this uses empty space without adding too much weight


4. Food Storage

Do you have a stockpile of food hiding in your basement for emergencies? Well, emergencies can happen at any time right?! We recommend bringing these along to your new house as well. Your best bet is to place these items inside of boxes or durable plastic storage containers. If your emergency food is currently stored on storage shelves (in the garage, for example) ask your UMovers crew to simply wrap the shelves with industrial plastic wrap and don’t worry about storing them for the trip. This nifty ask will save you taking down, and reassembling your shelving unit later.


What Foods to Give Away Before You Move

You should eat, throw out, or donate any foods that aren’t included on the list above. This includes food stored in glass jars and anything that requires refrigeration or freezing. Of course, if you’re only moving a short distance, you may be able to salvage some items that fit into those categories.

After all is set and done, we recommend donating or throwing away any foods that aren’t included on the list above. This would include food stored in glass jars or anything that required refrigeration or freezing. 

There is one caveat, and that’s if you’re moving a short distance (under 30-60 minutes). You may be able to salvage these items if you remove them from the fridge/freezer last and put them in your new fridge right away. We don’t recommend trying to salvage these items if you are traveling any further or believe you won’t be able to pack them right before you hop in the car.

When you’re finished packing your pantry, give UMovers a call!

Once you’ve eaten, donated, or thrown away your unwanted food items and packed the rest, it’s time to get moving! Make your move as easy and stress-free as possible by hiring UMovers as your moving company. Get in touch with us today to get started!