What Moving Supplies Do I Need?

What Moving Supplies Do I Need?

You're planning a move.. but did you remember the moving supplies?! We know.. Added costs.. But failure to use (or have) enough of the correct moving supplies can result in damage to your items. Not being prepared with the right tools and supplies can cause your items to become damaged during your move, which will result in much more costs than if you had all the necessary equipment.

So, the question becomes: What packing materials do you need? Keep reading as I cover all the equipment we recommend, where you can find these supplies, and provide you with a free downloadable checklist for your move!

What packing materials do I need?

Here is a rundown of all the best moving supplies, packing materials, and other items you need to prepare for the big day:

Supplies for packing (GET BEFORE YOUR MOVE):

Cardboard boxes - a moving must. Small, medium, large, XL, and beyond.

Bubble wrap - Especially for delicates and breakables.

Packing paper - another option for wrapping and packing dishes, glassware and other delicate or smaller items.

Moving blankets or furniture pads - best for covering furniture to keep anything from getting scratched.

Padded wrapping paper - alternative to blankets to prevent nicks and scratches

Stretch plastic wrap - to wrap and keep dresser drawers shut.

Heavy duty packaging tape with tape dispenser - For the boxes!

Permanent markers - For organizational labeling

Garbage bags - A quick means for collecting and gathering loose items that don’t need to be packed carefully.

Ziploc bags - to store small screws, brackets, batteries, or other little items.

Mattress bags -  to protect your mattresses from dirt or stains during the move

Dish pack - Make it easy to pack your delicate dishes

Wardrobe boxes - Useful if you have fine clothing you want to transport with care.

Moving day supplies (GET FOR THE DAY OF YOUR MOVE):

Moving truck - Rent through a rental service or hire a reputable moving company to provide one

Box cutters - For opening up those boxes!

Hand trucks / dollies - Make loading and unloading a breeze for heavy items

Cleaning supplies and paper towels - For any items that may have collected dust from long-term storage or disinfecting areas in your new home

Bungee cords - For securing any items in your truck that may not be stable


Where can I get these packing supplies?

You will be able to find most of the supplies above at your local Walmart Superstore, Home Depot, or other local home improvement store. Pick and choose what you need depending on what you are moving. For example, if you are moving a single bedroom with a mattress and full wardrobe, you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing a mattress bag and wardrobe box. But if you are just moving a few items out of your home to storage or a donation center, then cardboard boxes, tape, and bubble wrap is probably all you’ll need. 

Furthermore, there are a few supplies that you might want to leave to the professionals. Renting a moving truck, for example, can be intimidating and add time and stress to your moving day if you haven’t rented before. That’s where professional movers like UMovers come into play. You can call up a team of college movers and request a moving truck with your booking. Our team can even come prepared same day if needed! UMovers can provide any of the supplies you see above, and make your experience stress-free from start to finish.

Your free moving supplies checklist

Save the free downloadable checklist above and keep it handy throughout your move! You’ll be able to conveniently see if you've forgotten anything or if you’re all squared up for your big day.

As always, if you aren’t certain about what supplies you need for your move, or if you have any questions at all, you can text or call UMovers at (434)233-0499. And if you don’t want to worry about sourcing all of these supplies yourself, you can leave it to us to bring anything you need.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your move!

Written by Zach Richards