UMovers - Your Local Student Moving Service!

 UMovers is a college student moving company founded in Charlottesville, Virginia. UMovers has expanded to multiple locations across the country, which only includes local college students & athletes participating as wrestlers, powerlifters, football players, swimmers, cross-country runners and more. If playing a sport in college has taught us anything, it's hard work and time management. What better way to put our skills to use than by providing moving solutions to our community! At the end of the day, we love being known as athletes that simply don't get out-worked.. we just won't let it happen. We channel our work ethic into this moving company in an effort to help pay off tuition. In addition to being the hardest working moving company around, we don't hide anything; all of our rates are fully transparent and easy to find on our website. You will know exactly how much we charge, without going through a troublesome quote. After all, that's how it should be.


UMovers is more than just a moving service, it's a team with pride. A team with spirit. And a team with character. Let us help make your next move a breeze, hire the athletes you trust!